Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beaver Ponds and Brookies

Little outing with "Smalls". She is a trooper and half. She wanted to go for a ride so off we go. She loves being outdoors doing things. We went in search of finding some beaver ponds. The weather was decent but we were expecting storms to roll in. We were also looking for some places for the boy scouts to camp as well. We were instructed were to find some ponds. Alot of the roads had closed to vehicle traffic so we went on to other roads not mark. We came down off this hill and whaaaala there was several beaver ponds.
I had not expected to fish but just had too. We had not taken a lot of gear but always keep a few rods handy with an assortment of flies. The only dries I had were two Callibaetis Cripples. We put one on and we were off. "Smalls" tagged along and was excited to catch some fish. We thru out some casts with not even a swirl or a bump. We moved the next biggest pond. First cast--bang. Second cast--bang. So I turned the rod over to "Smalls". I casted it out and bang--the Brookies were eager. She was able to land this one and was so excited---"can I pet it".

We moved on the next pond that I thought would hold some bigger fish. After tromping thru the mud and water there ought to have been giant brookies waiting are every cast. I'm not sure "Smalls" was ready for this excursion. She kept going and settled in to playing with the straps of the camera bag. Lots of casts and no takes. Snow rolled in and she says "dad can we go now I'm cold". Bless her little blond hairs--it was getting chilly. The big lake for now would kick me good and would not give up her fish.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Laramie Lakes and Rivers

Just one of the Laramie Lakes located in Laramie Wyoming. It was a fun little fishery and held a good number of fish in the 2 to 3lb range. It also had some Junior class mixed in that were just as eager to take the fly.

Boots on the Ground :)

Fished with Nate Mecijalski from the Laramie area. He owns High Plains Fly Fishing and Guide many of the Lakes and Rivers in the Laramie area. I wasn't able to meet up with him till the middle of the afternoon so the catching was off but still had a great time.

Wyoming Territorial Prison

It was closed on this trip. I hope to get a chance to photograph it again soon when it opens for the season. Looks fun!! It was the Wyoming Territorial State Prison and the home of Butch Cassidy at one point in time.