Sunday, July 10, 2011

Grey Drakes

Female and Male Grey Drake Mayfly

The Grey Drakes were crazy thick. This one found a nice little perch.

These creatures are some of natures wonders!

Henrys Lake

A big ol piggy from Henrys Lake, Idaho and caught by good friend and guide Chris Chase. This one is just shy of 10lbs.

The fish were plentyfull and hard hitting!!

The Brookies have shown up in great numbers. There have been many over the 4lb mark. If you want to catch a big brookie in the lower 48 states this would be the year.


It's Caddis time at Henrys Lake, Idaho. This one decided to try the slope and slide.

Peek a boo :)

Delaney Butte Lakes

Water coming over Pathfinder dam. It was a sight to behold!

Out for some lunch---hummm sagebrush--yummy!!

Couldn't pass up on these flowers that were around the Delaney Butte Lakes in Walden, CO.

The midge hatch was heavy at times along with some Damsels. The fish were active and hitting hard!!

Very delicate!

The sun is setting and evening is setting in. The wind was calm and the air brisk! The fishing was awesome!

North Platte

Old structure at Pathfinder dam. It looked like at one time it transported material and humans across the vast open canyon to the other side. Oh what a ride that would be :)

Just like the busy ants they are!

This guy was not happy with his picture taken. Never had anyone stick his tongue out at me before.

Ok now he really is mad!!

I know he looks sick but had to take his picture anyway :)

Love old bridges!